Considering the strong sentiments of people both for and against cryptocurrency, I will start with a disclaimer that I am not a cryptocurrency investor. I don’t know what will happen with it. …

To answer this, let’s start with simple budgeting questions e.g. Will the retired person get monthly pension? Will the retired person have any other source of income such as rent?

If the answer to above questions is no, it means that the retired person will need some income per month…

Ideally it should start from the time you start earning, but let’s get practical here. When you start earning for the first time, you take some time to adjust and learn how to live on your own, buy things from your money and setup your new life. …

From my experience, here are the biggest and most common investment mistakes people do in India:

· Buying a 1.5–2Cr apartment to get 30–35k rent per month.

· Selling equities when the market is falling and buying when the market is rising.

· Buying excessive gold for long term wealth creation.

· Mixing insurance and investment in one product i.e. ULIP.

· Buying the most expensive phone/car model and least expensive health insurance plan.

· What is a Mutual fund? Mutual fund is nothing but a portfolio of stocks. When you buy a stock, you are buying a share of ownership in one company. Mutual fund on the other hand is a pooled investment that contains shares of many companies. …

Let’s first start with the objective of having alternative investments such as real estate and gold in your portfolio. For me, there are 2 main reasons:

· Inflation hedge because of positive correlation with inflation

· Diversification because of low correlation with stocks and bonds

Real estate: Real estate was…

Let’s first start with all the debt instruments you can invest in:

· Savings Account

· Fixed Deposit

· Employee Provident Fund

· Public Provident Fund

· Post Office Deposits such as National Savings Certificates

· National Pension Scheme

· LIC Endowment Plans

· Debt Mutual Funds

Savings account, FD…

Depending on your asset allocation exercise, you will need to build an equity portfolio that may vary from 15%-75% of your total portfolio. Equity portfolio can be built either via mutual funds or stocks. Now the question comes what should be the ratio between mutual fund investment and stock investment?

When there are multiple asset classes (e.g. Fixed Deposit, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Real Estate, Gold, etc.) to invest in, a natural question that comes to mind is how to best allocate my investments. Simple answer to this question is: Asset Allocation.

Asset allocation is the process of investing across different…

Here are 3 key steps you should take before embarking on your investment journey:

1. Emergency Fund: We live in an uncertain world, one in which an emergency can happen any time. Hence, first thing you should do is to keep an emergency fund. …

Punit Malik

Indian | Living in London | Passionate about learning, saving and investing | Here to motivate people to start their investment journey.

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